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Tungsten Full Contact Drop Shots

Tungsten Full Contact Drop Shots

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The Eco Pro Tungsten Full Contact Drop Shot Weight gives a true sense of what type of structure your bait is hovering over. We brought this concept and name to market with help from one of the top anglers on tour. Our unique design combines the best of both types of drop shot weights into our hybrid profile. We went one step farther and left it unpainted for ultimate sensitivity. LThe increased density of tungsten combined with Eco Pro Tungsten's unique design enables the angler to drag his/her bait through rocks, weeds, or brush with fewer hang ups. Detect more bites when drop shot fishing and add pounds to your live well with the Full Contact Drop Shot Weight!

Size         Pieces per pack.

1/8 oz.        3 pcs.

3/16 oz.      3 pcs. 

1/4 oz.        3 pcs.

3/8 oz.        3 pcs.

1/2 oz.        2 pcs