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Eco Pro Tungsten | Quality Custom Tungsten Weights and Lures Founded in 2004, The Eco Pro Tungsten Company of New Jersey, maker of eco friendly lead free fishing lures, insists on producing environmentally safe products for the outdoors. As partners with our customers, we believe in conserving natural resources, improving both air and water quality, and protecting ecosystems and biodiversity. Pledge |


The tungsten weights work great for smaller baits. and the non insert is awesome when threading the line through. I use these all the time, and love them.

Just what the doctor ordered

Mike Geiger

Done with led weights. Much better product

David Stone

 Very nice product it has a good matte finish they are a little bit expensive for what you get but just about all tungsten products are

Chad G.

Exactly what they are supposed to be. I prefer them over lead because of size

Kenneth L Johnson