About Us

Angler’s Select companies were established with one mission in mind — To create innovative new products of the highest quality, and to bring those products to market at an affordable price. At Angler’s Select, fishing is our business and our business is our passion.

We are a family owned American company that loves to fish. We always had trouble finding tungsten weights in stock and at an affordable price. That led us to turn our passion into our business. Tungsten is not a sideline to us. It is our business. We will constantly be working with our pro-staff to bring new tungsten products to market that will help you catch more fish.

Today’s Anglers have been committed to preserving the worlds fishing holes. Eco Pro™ Tungsten has joined the efforts in protecting the environment by developing and promoting Eco friendly products. Eco Pro’ s™ insert free tungsten worm weights are the final touch to a perfect presentation. The extra small profile allows your bait to enter and exit various structure with out snagging. The dense make up of tungsten transmits double the sound while the insert free technology provides the angler with extra sensitivity as the weight slides over underwater terrain.

Eco Pro™ Tungsten weights undergo a special polishing that allows them to be fray free without using a plastic insert. Out weights are 97% pure tungsten, which makes for a smaller, heavier weight, and that means you’ll make further casts and get hung up less using Eco Pro™ Tungsten. Our special seal coat painting process creates the most chip resistant finish on the market.

All Eco Pro™ Tungsten products use only 98% lead free, earth friendly tungsten.

Pro Staff

Justin Lucas

Alabama, US

Jared Lintner

California US

Bassmaster Champion

12 Top 10 Finishes

Jeff Kriet

Oklahoma, US

Bassmaster Champion

19 Top 10 Finishes

Lee Rogers

New Jersey

I started fishing local bass tournaments in 1984 and have worked my way up the ranks to compete at the BASS Open and FLW Costa events. I have been involved in the fishing industry since 2005 and an sponsored by some of the leading manufacturers in the industry. I am living the dream and look forward to every upcoming season.

Travis Huckaby

Northern California

Future Pro Tour Angler of the Year.

California Bass Federation,

California Bass Federation Championship

The Bass Federation Regional Championship.

J Todd Tucker

Georgia, US

BASS Elite Series Pro

7 Top 10 Finishes

Chad Griffin

Alabama, US

Just what the doctor ordered

Mike Geiger, Web Review

Done with the led weights. Much better product

David Stone, Web Review

Exactly what they are supposed to be. I prefer them over lead because of size

Kenneth L Johnson, Web Client

Very nice product it has a good matte finish they are a little bit expensive for what you get but just about all tungsten products are

Chad G, Web Review

The tungsten weights work great for smaller baits. and the non insert is awseome when threading the line through. I use these all the time, and love them., Web Review

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